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Feb-1, 5:28am PST

Veeva Vault PODs are currently experiencing a service disruption rendering Microsoft Office related documents. Veeva engineering teams are working to return the service to normal as quickly as possible.

Feb-1, 7:20am PST

Affected Veeva Vault PODs are now fully available with all services operating normally.

Veeva Vault Vault-US PODs Vault-EU PODs VV2-2121 VV1-1061 VV1-1137
Jan-10, 5:00pm PST

The Veeva RegulatoryOne and Claims service is scheduled to be upgraded to the latest maintenance release. There is no expected downtime, however, a short service interruption may be experienced.

When: Tuesday, Jan 10 at 05:00 pm PT

What: Veeva RegulatoryOne and Claims 22R3.0.1
Estimated Duration: 180 minutes
Affected PODs: VLT-1137, VLT-1061 and VLT-2121

Pre-Release Reminder:  Access to Pre-Release Vaults will conclude on January 13, 2023. 

Please read the 22R3 Release Notes for additional release details.
Click here to learn how to find your Vault's POD location.
For updates regarding system availability, please refer to the Veeva Trust Site.
If you have further questions, please submit a ticket with Veeva Product Support.

Jan-10, 8:00pm PST

Scheduled maintenance closed