Veeva Vault Vault-EU PODs VV2-28 VV2-2087 VV2-2129
May-5, 2:00pm PDT

Veeva Vault Release Notification

What:  Veeva Vault 23R1.2 Limited Release
When:  Friday, May 5 between 2:00 pm & 6:00 pm PT (between 11 pm & 3 am CEST)
Estimated Vault Downtime:  30 minutes
Affected PODs:  Limited Release PODs
EU:  VV2-28, VV2-2087, VV2-2129
  • The upgrade is expected to take approximately 30 minutes, during which time your Vault will not be available for use.  Users can continue working as normal and will be notified within Vault just prior to your expected downtime. 
Learn More:
  • Please read the Release Notes to learn more about the new features. 
  • Click here to learn how to find your Vault's POD location.
For updates regarding system availability, please refer to the Veeva Trust Site.
If you have further questions, please submit a ticket with Veeva Product Support.
May-5, 5:07pm PDT

Scheduled Maintenance closed.